Taylor Clark Software

Some projects I've been a part of.

Prime Time: Math Adventure

An educational math game that is actually fun! Students and teachers alike love playing. Works great on a desktop, laptop, smart phone, table, and especially great on a SMART board/interactive whiteboard.

Condo Ally

Want to make managing your condo association easier than ever? Condo Ally helps small (1-25 units), self-managed condo associations keep everything in order, secure, and backed up.


Step right into a video game. With interactive props, 3D glasses, and an interactive environment, Figmentz is planned to be the immersive entertainment of the future.

Code Samples

2D and 3D geometric intersection library for XNA.

WebGL space sim inspired by the old X-Wing PC game series.

Contact Me

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I was in the market for a new job at the end of 2006 and one of the employers contacted me and asked "What do you love about programming?" I really enjoyed answering this question so if you are also curious then feel free to read my answer below.

     My passion for programming is too deep to be explained sufficiently in only one "story". I first experienced BASIC at the age of eight. My father showed me a few of the commands to print text to the console he had learned in a computer science class in college. When I saw the BASIC code, and then the results of running the program, it was as if the world froze for an instant. I knew I had been permanently changed. I was amazed it was possible to make the computer do what I told it to. If you were to ask me why I loved programming when I was first learning, my answer would have been, “I love it because you can take pages of gibberish-like text and turn it into a runnable computer application anyone can use.”

     After a few years I taught myself C++ and loved the low level control it allowed. I created nothing too amazing until I received formal C++ education from the DigiPen Institute of Technology. I came to understand C++ as simply providing 32 or so keywords from which I could build whatever I wanted. From the beginning I felt programming to be an art form, but I was young and wondered whether I felt this way simply because I enjoyed it so much. After learning the depths and history of C++, however, I know programming, regardless of language, is an art. If you were to ask me why I loved programming at the beginning of my years at DigiPen I would have asked you, “Why do painters love to paint?” A computer programming language's keywords are to me as different paint colors are to a painter and the empty text file to me as a blank canvas to him or her.

     My time working at Monolith Productions on The Matrix Online game caused my passion to grow even stronger. After many, many months of sitting at my workstation and programming, only playing the game to test new features and debug, I visited a focus test session. I was treated to the chance to sit in a dark room behind one-way glass and watch game testers play the game and provide their feedback to the focus test administrator. There was a great deal of positive feedback that, despite my being part of a large team, made me personally feel very good. If you were to ask me why I loved programming after working at Monolith Productions, my first professional software engineering position, my answer would have been, “The feeling I get watching gamers enjoy a game into which I have poured my blood, sweat, and tears is indescribable.”

     At this point in my life if you were to ask me (as you have...) why I love programming I would tell you all this. I am still amazed, even having full knowledge of how code turns into machine language, seeing hundreds of thousands of lines of code translate into a beautiful usable program. I still, more than ever, know programming is a work of art. Finally, I will never lose, nor forget, how good it feels to make someone happy with something that has been such a pleasure to create. I have been programming in various languages for over 16 years and I predict my passion will only grow stronger.